Why Do We Wear Wedding Rings?

Why Do We Wear Wedding Rings?

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The beginning is not clear for the tradition of wedding rings, but some experts believe that it started in ancient Egypt.

For people in Egypt, a ring shows eternity. Eternity is time without an end. A ring also has no beginning and no end. It is like time.

Egyptians also believe in the vein of love. This vein is in the fourth finger in the left hand. People wear a wedding ring on this finger.

Later, wedding rings traditions go to Greece and Rome. In old Rome, a ring means shows that a woman belongs to a man.

During World War II, men give women a ring before they go to war.

Since the 1950s, diamond rings are popular. A diamond company has a slogan. The slogan says that diamonds are forever.

Today, 86% of engagement rings in the US are diamond rings.

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