What Happened To The Real Sarah Chapman After Enola Holmes 2

What Happened To The Real Sarah Chapman After Enola Holmes 2

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Netflix's Enola Holmes 2 centers on London matchgirl Sarah Chapman and the matchgirls' strike of 1888.

The film's retelling of the true strike story wasn't entirely accurate, but it did highlight an important figure in British history.

Enola Holmes 2 sees Enola take on her second case: the disappearance of Sarah Chapman, a matchgirl who was a source in an 1888 article exposing the horrific working conditions

Chapman would eventually leave the factory behind and become a great supporter of women's rights.

The matchgirls strike of 1888 improved the working conditions for women and caused Bryant & May to stop using yellow phosphorous in their matches that caused matchgirls to typhus

The strike was the first time unskilled workers succeeded in striking for better pay and working conditions in London.

And Helped raise public awareness about the dangerous working conditions that low-wage, unskilled workers were facing.

Sarah Chapman never disappeared, and the story of her disappearance in Enola Holmes 2 was made up.

The real Sarah Chapman had been working at Bryant & May for years, and saw an opportunity to speak up and make a change.

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