9 Things You Didn't Know About Tom Brady

9 Things You Didn't Know About Tom Brady

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Brady's parents were supportive of his professional career and he led the Patriots to the Super Bowl in 2002 after their starting quarterback was injured.

Brady was an intern for Merrill Lynch in Ann Arbor while completing his education at the University of Michigan.

Brady was pretty 'awful' at skiing

Brady gets in his recommended eight hours of sleep every night because he wakes up at 5 -30 a.m. every morning.

Brady has never had a sip of coffee and says he doesn't need it to help him rise.

Brady was a San Francisco 49ers fan growing up, and cried the whole time the NFC Championship Game because he couldn't see the field.

Brady and B√ľndchen's diet consists of 80% vegetables and avocado ice cream as a treat.

The Brady family is not afraid to show affection, and Tom Brady has been spotted greeting family members and old friends with hugs and kisses.

Brady has worn the same shoulder pads since 1995. They have been reconditioned over the years.

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