Set These Boundaries Before Your Thanksgiving Guests Arrive

Set These Boundaries Before Your Thanksgiving Guests Arrive

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Setting some boundaries with your guests can help minimize confrontations and awkward moments at your Thanksgiving gathering.

Come up with a food plan

Food-related tensions can run high at Thanksgiving gatherings.

To avoid duplicate dishes and hurt feelings, agree to a plan ahead of time and set boundaries regarding commenting on or flat-out criticizing other people's food or cooking techniq

Get the timing right

Holiday gatherings involve prep work, cleaning, and a departure time.

This gives guests some sort of timeline, and saves the host from feeling as though they have to kick people out.

Get on the same page about health and safety

The COVID-19 pandemic, RSV and flu cases have everyone on edge, so you should discuss the risk you're willing to take on before the holiday.

Respect new and old traditions

In 2020 and 2021, many people will create their own Thanksgiving traditions, instead of following those they were born or married into.

If you are having trouble deciding which tradition to observe at your Thanksgiving gathering, discuss it with your guests ahead of time.

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