Screw Mickey, Disney Dreamlight Valley Villains Make The Game

Screw Mickey, Disney Dreamlight Valley Villains Make The Game

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Disney has been on a naughty streak lately, releasing the Twisted Wonderland game and teasing a villain-themed addition to its theme park.

Now fans are welcoming Scar into their neighborhoods.

Disney Dreamlight Valley lets players build a Mickey Mouse cottagecore town with Wall-E and Moana, and even with villains like Ursula and Mother Gothel.

Life sims have always included prickly options, like Shane in Stardew Valley. Fans voted for Shane to become a marriage option.

Dreamlight Valley's villains aren't there to make you feel good about yourself or teach you something new.

They are agents of chaos, and it's up to you to choose whether or not you wade into the darkness with them.

Disney Dreamlight producer Manea Castet told Kotaku that the developers at Gameloft knew they wanted to have baddies in the game from the onset.

Ursula from The Little Mermaid was a 'super' interesting character to work with because she 'definitely has her own agenda.'

Gameloft designed Ursula to surprise the player.

She pops up in places you can't even reach yet, and makes you acquire papers from various houses around the island.

All the villains are like this, to some extent.

Mother Gothel reveals that she was messing around with dark magic that almost destroyed the dark valley, and Scar tries to get out of it every single step of the way.

Castet said the game lets you be a bit like a villain, and there will be more stuff regarding that coming really soon.

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