New Zealand To Become Dark Sky Nation Soon

New Zealand To Become Dark Sky Nation Soon

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New Zealand is a country that has decided to go for an ark sky in the next few years.

The reason behind making New Zealand a nation with all dark skies is to reduce the activity in the country.

What has New Zealand aimed for

New Zealand aims to achieve a fully dark sky or the whole nation. This will affect light pollution in New Zealand.

The action of making New Zealand a whole dark sky nation will affect 80% of light pollution on the Earth.

It might also disrupt the view of the natural night sky on Earth.

There are 115 dark sky parts in the world

Out of these, 20 are reserved and 16 are dark sky sanctuaries in the globe.

New Zealand has become the latest nation to become a dark nation.

There are regions or countries which have already become dark nations/regions in the past.

What is a dark sky nation?

The dark sky land is a place of possessing a quality of starry nights and a nocturnal environment.

Dark sky night is protected for the scientific, natural, and educational, enjoyment of the public, and last but not the least, cultural heritage.

What did the sources say?

According to the official sources of National Geographic, 'Our language and different practices and beliefs come out of our observations of the night sky.'

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