Marvel Snap Will Soon Let You Grind For Specific Cards

Marvel Snap Will Soon Let You Grind For Specific Cards

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Marvel Snap has only been out of beta for a few short weeks, but the team behind it has big plans to update, expand, and improve the game into 2023.

Marvel Snap is a free-to-play online card game where players craft decks of 12 cards and compete in fast-paced six-turn matches against other opponents.

The game's progression system involves unlocking cards through random drops, but soon there will be another way.

A helpful player summarized some of the recent news and updates shared on Marvel Snap's official Discord server in an easy-to-read Reddit post.

Marvel Snap will add tokens, a new free currency, 'very soon' that players can earn by upgrading their collection level and opening caches.

These tokens can be used to unlock specific cards in the shop.

Developer Second Dinner hopes this new system will help players get the cards they need to finish their perfect destroy or move deck.

Marvel Snap boss Ben Brode said that players who opened tons of caches already wouldn't receive tokens

but he has since changed his mind and promised that players would have plenty of new cards to spend tokens on.

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