8 Interesting Facts About Soccer World Cup Team 2022

8 Interesting Facts About Soccer World Cup Team 2022

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Brozovic broke his own World Cup record of 'longest distance ran in a game'. He ran 16.7 kilometers against Japan.

Spain have become the first nation in World Cup history to lose and four penalty shootouts and then became just the second side not the score on one.

Morocco are having a great time but they've actually created less xG than every team at the tournament apart from Qatar.

And their Coach Walid Regragui has become the first African manager to reach the quarterfinals of the World Cup.

The round of 16 at the World Cup produced 28 goals. that's the most ever scored in this stage of the competition.

Portugal Defender Pepe is now the oldest ever player to score in a knockout World Cup game.

Gonçalo Ramos scored his first ever knockout stage World Cup Gola for just 17 minutes.

Ronaldo's played 514 minutes in The competition's Knockout rounds and still hasn't scored.

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