6 interesting facts about Lionel Messi

6 interesting facts about Lionel Messi

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Argentina Lover

Lionel Messi was offered the chance to play for Spain, but turned it down because he was an Argentinian and his country was first priority.

Ronaldinho recognized

After his first training session, Ronaldinho recognized the greatness of Messi. Above all, he told his teammates that Messi will become the greatest soccer player.

Children's Ambassador

Messi was appointed as a UNICEF Children's Ambassador in 2010 for his determination to use his fame to help the world's most vulnerable children.


Lionel Messi has his own adjective added to the Spanish dictionary, meaning 'inmessionante', which describes the perfect way to play football.

Messi is the fastest player to score 100 goals in the UEFA Champions League. He has scored almost 700 goals to date.

Messi holds the Guinness World Records title for his 91 goals scored in a calendar year, back in 2012.

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