God Of War Ragnarök’s Designers Want You To Express Yourself

God Of War Ragnarök’s Designers Want You To Express Yourself

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With 2018's God of War, the designers focused on making the combat feel right with a zoomed-in perspective.

With God of War Ragnarök, they focused on giving players more ways to express themselves with Kratos' murderous abilities.

I've played through the first four hours of Ragnarök, and I like how you can switch between Kratos' iconic Blades of Chaos and his trusty ax right from the beginning.

Sheth says that using the two weapons will require a shift in focus, and that the game will have to be designed from the beginning to take advantage of both weapons.

According to Sheth, every seemingly small addition means the team has to rethink how the rest of the game works.

In Ragnarök, the team created enemies that encouraged blocking.

The combat in God of War: Ragnarök feels faster to me than the original, but it's still brutally violent and fun to play.

The game has five different difficulty levels and a story-focused mode, but combat remains a huge part of the game.

Sheth says the combat challenge and difficulty in her game is part of her goal to get as many players to enjoy the game.

Ragnarök offers a lot to explore, including a larger and more diverse world, environmental puzzles that seem much more cerebral this time around.

But the thing that strikes me most is just how good it feels to be Kratos again.

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