Final Fantasy XVI Dev Explain Why The Game Is So White

Final Fantasy XVI Dev Explain Why The Game Is So White

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Square Enix released a new story trailer for Final Fantasy XVI, but it doesn't seem to feature any non-white characters.

Yoshida explained that Valisthea was based on medieval Europe and that they wanted to limit the world culturally and geographically.

However, he continued to use reality to explain why Black people can't exist in Valisthea.

What's frustrating about all of this is that Black and brown people have always existed in medieval Europe.

FFXVI's trailer includes a giant winged lady throwing ice shards, but no characters of color.

The developers claim that it's difficult to assign distinct ethnicities to either antagonist or protagonist without triggering audience preconceptions.

I believe that the developers can make Final Fantasy into a modern franchise that feels fresh to newcomers without blowing up the internet.

Yoshida's comments make me feel cynical about his attempts to revitalize the Final Fantasy series, since an all-white cast runs counter to industry standards.

Yoshida saved the Final Fantasy franchise, but his creativity was limited by a genre that has never been fair to Black and brown fans.

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