Facebook launches cloud games but Apple won’t allow it on iOS

Facebook launches cloud games but Apple won’t allow it on iOS

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Facebook's web and Android users can play free-to-play games in seconds without leaving the social network.

The war of words between Apple and Facebook began with a comment by Apple CEO Tim Cook in March 2018.

It has continued with Facebook calling into question Apple's App Store policies.

Facebook wants users to go to its apps instead of the mobile web version of its service to play cloud games.

but the technology isn't optimized for the benefit of cloud games on iOS.

Apple allows software developers to submit cloud games to the App Store as individual apps and also allows cloud gaming via the Safari browser.

The games are not console quality and are versions of mobile games you can already download on a phone or tablet.

Users can play the free games using their touchscreens or mouse and keyboards.

Facebook is allowing game developers to advertise their games on Facebook, which will increase Facebook's average revenue per user

Facebook will make some money from in-game purchases. For purchases made on Android, Facebook will not take a cut and instead will give 30% to Google.

Facebook will begin rolling out cloud gaming this week to users in several regions.

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