Epic Games offered $3,000 to an copyright

Epic Games offered $3,000 to an copyright

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Deb JJ Lee tweeted that they had turned down a $3,000 offer to create an illustration for Fortnite, citing a commitment to 'the wellbeing of freelance artists'.

Lee hoped that the legal team would reconsider the terms of the contract,

but Epic claimed that it was too busy suing Apple and going after cheat sellers to negotiate each contract individually.

Lee stressed that licensed usage is different from a buyout, where the artist retains the creator's rights to their work.

In the latter case, the artist sells their exclusivity rights, which means the cost could be higher.

Several professional artists applauded Lee for standing their ground, but some commenters thought that they were asking for too much from the game studio.

Lee told Kotaku that they could emphasize with desperate artists who needed the money, but now they could afford to turn down offers.

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