Crash Team Rumble Multiplayer Game Coming Next Year

Crash Team Rumble Multiplayer Game Coming Next Year

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Activision announced a new Crash Bandicoot game, called Crash Team Rumble, during The Game Awards.

Toys for Bob is developing Crash Team Rumble, the latest mainline game in the 26-year-old franchise.

Crash Team Rumble is a multiplayer-focused experience that will pit eight players from two teams in deadly battles for Wumpa Fruit across a variety of island-based maps.

The reveal trailer for Crash Team Rumble shows off a few familiar faces and some new ones, including a bat-like creature.

Activision has yet to attach a firm release date to Crash Team Rumble, but the publisher has stated that the game is planned to debut in 2023.

Crash Team Rumble was shown off at The Game Awards 2022 along with Hades 2, Death Stranding 2, Armored Core 6, and many others.

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