5 NEW Rules At The 2022 World Cup

5 NEW Rules At The 2022 World Cup

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This World Cup has five new rules we've never seen in the World Cup before,

This is the first World Cup with five Subs a game,

These Subs need to be made in three Windows through the game. This could really benefit teams with deep squads.

Squads are now 26 man squads as opposed to 23-man squads.

Another rule,

During penalties, goalkeepers will have to keep a foot on the line. this is the first time we've seen this at a World Cup.

Next one is,

Semi-automated off-site technology, which is essentially an upgrade to VAR and can reduce the average time to make offside calls from 70 seconds all the way down to 20 seconds.

Arsene wengers had a bit to do with this

It'll be kind of like goal-line technology, but instead of the referee getting an alert when a ball goes over the line, the linesman could get an alert if a player is offside.

And the last change is a very positive one for the game. It's the first time we will see female referees at a men's World Cup.

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