UpHill Rush 10

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4.3 (28 Reviews)

In the new game part of the famous Uphill Rush 10 series, you will drive a car along with the roller coaster, which was built on the streets of a huge metropolis. At the beginning of the game, you will receive a basic car model. After that, you will be at the starting line. On a signal, pressing the accelerator pedal will speed down the road gradually increasing speed. Look carefully at the screen. Everywhere along the way, there will be gold coins, which you should try to collect by running into them. For each item you collect, you will receive points, and your hero can receive various types of bonuses. On your way, there will be trampolines of various heights. You will make jumps from them during which you will be able to perform some kind of trick. Each of them will also be evaluated for a certain number of points.



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