Giant Wanted

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3.8 (17 Reviews)

Giant Wanted is a sniper shooting game where you play as a skilled marksman and aim to eliminate targets from a distance. The game has a Western-style setting, and the objective is to take out the bad guys and complete various missions.

The game has a total of 25 levels, each with different objectives and challenges. In each level, you need to use your sniper rifle to shoot enemies in a variety of scenarios, including shooting from a moving train, taking out targets while avoiding innocent bystanders, and shooting while under heavy enemy fire.

To play the game, you need to use your mouse to aim your weapon and left-click to shoot. You need to be precise in your shots to ensure that you hit your target and don't waste any bullets. Each level has a different number of targets, and you need to take them all out to progress to the next level.

As you advance through the levels, the game becomes more challenging, with more enemies and more difficult scenarios. You need to be quick and accurate to succeed in the later levels, and the game requires a good deal of skill and precision.

Overall, Giant Wanted is an entertaining sniper game that provides an immersive Western-style experience. The game has a good balance of difficulty, and the variety of levels and scenarios keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.

The operation of the game is simple: slide aiming, release shooting, easy to shoot and kill the enemy.


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